Civil Liberties, AI, Neuralink and Our Reality with Joe Rogan and Elon Musk

Paradise Engineering - Joe Rogan Elon Musk - Honest Talk

To start off, we know not everyone is going to agree with this post, especially those pushing society to #StayHome. But just because we’re advocates of free speech and love to hear the opinions of smart people from around the world, here we go. We hope Elon and Joe don’t convey or discuss any ‘misinformation’.

Firstly, shout out to all the healthcare professionals doing their utmost best to keep us safe despite all the uncertainty, controversy and politics consuming the planet right now. We salute you.

Hopefully the worldwide lockdown results in more silver linings than less, but according to some data it seems the lockdown measures in some nations could be more tragic with regards to authoritarian rule, corruption, poverty and economic destruction.

However, Elon Musk is a twitter war-hero, a freedom fighter, a successful entrepreneur and an inspiration to many humans all over the planet. This two hour chat with Joe Rogan gives us hope.

One of the most important topics they speak about is how difficult it is to find unbiased, factual and honest information anymore.

They sympathize with the average human, and discuss how a lot of people died to gain independence for their countries and how we should not give up our civil liberties too easily.

They also speak about the controversy of the situation we’re in where this virus may be argued as a legitimate reason to take rights and freedoms away.

Chin up world, soon this will all be over, and we will have hopefully made a considerable amount of medical progress and hopefully we will have not lost all sense of humanity and freedom in the process.

They talk about this mysterious disease called COVID 19 that nobody knows about, this deep panic that is consuming the planet and other interesting things like our reality and the fact that everything we experience and know reality to be is a combination of complex electric transmissions.

Listen to Joe and Elon discuss AI, Neuralink, hygiene, immunity, mind viruses and mind-virus immunity, which we understand to be a protection of free thought, different opinions and conscious experiences that seem to be discouraged, criminalized or censored in some parts of the world. They discuss how it could be tragic if ‘globalist’ approaches result in us all reacting and thinking the same about everything.

There is already a considerable amount of Artificial Intelligence and neural networks working amongst humans. We are already part ‘cyborg‘ dependent on technology for information, direction and cognitive processes. Now, it’s just becoming a question of of data processing rate. That’s where symbiosis with Artificial Intelligence comes in and later, Neuralink.

Civilisation is looking rather fragile right now but Elon reckons that if humanity survives we could have a complete Brain Computer Interface (BCI) or an Artificial Intelligent extension of yourself in the next 25 years, if you want it. Like having an online ghost alive after you die, where all your stories and media continue to exist once you die because the majority of our existence will be hosted on the cloud.

Interesting times ahead…

In the midst of Corona, Elon Musk and girlfriend Grimes also became parents to a little boy and named him X Æ A-12.

Anyway, over and out.

Be like Elon and aspire to be ‘less wrong’ every day.

Happy business building and keep strong and healthy during this challenging time.

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