Who do we get our clothes from? #SupportLocal

Essentials - Custom masks, Sanitizers, PPE

As COVID disrupts global supply chains, it presents us with the opportunity to reshape and redesign our economies and create more just, ethical and equitable societies.

As many South African retailers get back to work this Workers Day we really think we should be asking ourselves.. Who made our clothes?

How can I use my purchasing power to improve the rights of workers in South Africa and around the world.

The power lies in our hands, what we buy we advocate for and we have the ability to make better buying decisions and contribute to creating a better world.

Your buying power is your vote!

This being said we would like to support our local clothing manufacturer and suggest any South African corporates get in touch with us for reusable masks, sanitizer, PPE, branded jackets and corporate clothing.

Make a big difference and support small businesses.